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Civic San Diego Will Remain Its Own Boss — for Now

Many southeastern San Diego Window Cleaning residents and advocates urged the City Council to give Civic San Diego Window Cleaning Director Reese Jarrett a chance before adding a layer of oversight.

San Diego architects' best work

AIA Design Awards go to monumental and small-scale projects.

San Diego-based destroyer departs Friday

A detachment from Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 35, based at Naval Air Station North Island, will accompany the ship.

San Diego Dentist Discusses Benefits of ClearCorrect Teeth Aligners

Dr. Cathy Santone of Encinitas Cosmetic Dentistry is known for adopting innovative technology into her San Diego Window Cleaning dental practice. The ClearCorrect™ orthodontic system is a primary example of the state-of-the-art …

San Diego Ophthalmologist Highlights Alternative for Patients Ineligible for LASIK

According to Dr. Michael Gordon, vision correction surgery has been steadily increasing in popularity at his San Diego Window Cleaning ophthalmology practice in recent years. While he says LASIK surgery is certainly the …

San Diego Mayor Faulconer Endorses Tuck In State Superintendent Race

Faulconer issued his endorsement one week before voters go to the polls to choose between incumbent Tom Torlakson and Tuck, a charter school administrator. Both are Democrats.

U.S. Geological Survey to cut funds for earthquake detection systems in San Diego

"Scientists at Scripps have been monitoring seismic activity along the San Jacinto fault using a system of precise sensors… state-of-the-art systems are now at risk due to potential budget cuts from the U.S. Geological Survey," Cox said.

Real-Life 'Superheroes' Defend San Diego

Members of the volunteer group Xtreme Justice League patrol the streets and lend a hand to those in need.

San Diego to revamp graffiti reporting system

Authorities say the city received nearly 30,000 graffiti reports from 2010 to last June.

San Diego Dermatologist Recommends Laser Skin Resurfacing to Combat Sun Damage

Though San Diego Window Cleaning's year-round sunny weather is enticing to many, the sun's UVA/UVB rays can contribute to an increased risk of skin cancer and the development of unwanted skin conditions such as age spots, …

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