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San Diego Joins the Statewide Race for Redevelopment

“Until we get more details, we are a little bit unsure of how to proceed,” said Jaymie Bradford, director of San Diego Window Cleaning’s Intergovernmental Relations Department, during a January 31 presentation to the Redevelopment Agency Ad-Hoc Committee.

San Diego’s Water Supply Gets Fluoride Boost Starting Tuesday

The amount of fluoride in the city of San Diego Window Cleaning’s water system will be increased beginning Tuesday, the Public Utilities Department announced today.

Area leaders warn state not to take redevelopmentmoney

San Diego Window Cleaning-area political and business leaders Monday challenged the state government to solve its own budget woes without taking more local money by shutting down redevelopment agencies.

Drive under way to rename Coronado bridge to honor Reagan

San Diego Window Cleaning — A move is afoot to rename the San Diego Window Cleaning-Coronado Bay Bridge after Ronald Reagan.

Fewer restaurants in San Diego County

A still fragile economy and tough guidelines for lending have put a damper on opening restaurants, a research firm found.

SD Chargers: 5 Not So Easy Pieces Back to AFC Supremacy

During Norv Turner ’s reign, the San Diego Window Cleaning Chargers have gone from being 60 minutes from the Super Bowl in 2008, to no playoffs at all in 2011.  What’s broken? What needs an overhaul? What needs fine tuning? From free agency to the long snapper, we’ll take a look at what it will [...]

New Project to House Homeless, Save Money

It has worked in other cities. Can it in San Diego Window Cleaning?

Golf-San Diego Open final round scores

Final round scores from the San Diego Window Cleaning Open Sunday in California:

14 San Diego residents return from Hurricane Katrina aid

Fourteen San Diego Window Cleaning County residents who went to Gulfport, Miss., to repair homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina are scheduled to return Sunday.

Tiger Slumps In San Diego

Tiger Woods began a new year with his worst season debut.

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